Freddy WRUP Technology

      FREDDY WR.UP® is a patented technology designed in Italy developed to support and naturally enhance a women’s shape.

      With the use of high quality stretch fabrics, silicone detailing and innovative design we create the perfect pair of pants that give you the perfect fit every time.

      DIWO PRO Technology
        Thanks to the special seams, a silicone membrane and striking cuts, the WR.UP® trousers by Freddy supports and redesigns the bottom, modelling, and holding in the buttocks and thighs guaranteeing a perfect fit. Made in jersey, these trousers are available in different colors all very trendy. The fit is tight and comfortable, ideal for everyday life.
        1. A special silicone band shapes and sculpts the waistline creating an anti-slip effect.
        2. An ultra-light silicone membrane cleverly inserted inside the pant to give you a shaping and lifting effect.
        3. Specially designed seams that define the booty and create a smoothing and supportive lift.
        4. Strategic stitching and femmine design to give you a shaping effect that accentuates your natural curves.
        5. Designed in Italy with the highest quality stretch fabrics to give you the ultimate in comfort.

        The DIWO PRO Technology

        DIWO PRO Technology
          The D.I.W.O PRO fuses Freddy’s patented Dry In Wet Out Technology with the brand new Emana Technology: Rhodia Polyamide 6.6. This fabric is rich in bioactive minerals. Each time you wear it, these minerals soak into your skin, reducing imperfections and increasing elasticity. You’ll see all the benefits of a full cosmetic treatment:
          1. Increases skin firmness and smoothness.
          2. Reduces appearance of cellulite.
          3. Extreme comfort and well-being.
          4. Breathable.
          5. Odor free.
          This innovative technology with bioactive minerals, improves the skin appearance, increases elasticity and reduces skin imperfections, making it even more beautiful. Its proprieties persist after unlimited washings, thanks to the special technology used for DNA.


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