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6 of Our Favourite Canadian Fitness Bloggers

6 of Our Favourite Canadian Fitness Bloggers

Here at Livify, we’re a big fan of fitness fanatics – who are also fashionistas (say that 3 times fast!)  But, when you’re a lady who squats, sometimes your quads don’t fit into “traditional” pants, which is where Livify denim comes in.  These bloggers are double threats, showing the world you can have a closet full of workout AND fashion wear.

In celebration of the ladies whose Instagram feeds inspire us to get started on our WOD and OOTDs, here are 7 Canadian Fashion & Fitness Instagrammers you need to follow:

1. Livy Jeanne

While  Livy technically splits her time between Tennessee and various places in Canada, we couldn’t *not* include this songstress! We love her country rock’n’roll style, especially when she pairs her Freddy Distressed Denim by Livify by Livify with cowgirl boots. Make way Shania, Livy Jeanne is en route!

Livy Jeanne Freddy Pants

2. Stacey Fey

    We love Stacey’s high fashion style (can we talk about this dress!?!), and she gives major hair inspo in her Freddy’s by Livify.

    Stacey Fey Freddy Pants

    3. Hollie LeBlanc

    We may have to hire gym owner Hollie LeBlanc to get some muscle definition!  Staff in the Livify office love how she paired her signature black fashion hoop earrings with her Freddy Grey Rinse Denim by Livify.

    Hollie LeBlanc Freddy Pants

    4. Janine Godfrey

    Hoy traps, Batman! Janine is a Canadian mom constantly on the move, and has mastered the art of working out while traveling around the globe! Check out her Freddy’s by Livify pick here.

    Janine Godfrey Freddy Pants Livify

    5. Mels

    On their own, dirt bikes and Freddy Medium Rinse Denim by Livify look amazing – but incredible things happen when you pair the two! Mels is professional motorcross racer, HQ’d in Québec, Canada.

    Mels Freddy Pants

    6. Jazmin Knihnicki

    Jazmin is a Canadian fitness fanatic (bikini competitor, to be exact!) whose Instagram is also full of… cute dogs and kittens?!  We love how she rocks beach hair one day (black/gold denim ftw!), and a beautiful ponytail in the next.  

    Jazmin Knihnicki Freddy Pants

    Did we miss someone who wears Freddy’s by Livify on Saturday night and for morning workouts?  Drop us a line and let us know who we should feature on our next Instagram roundup!