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WR.UP Dresses! Femininity + Sensuality = <3

Now you can have all the amazing benefits of the WR.UP technology that you have already known in a dress!

Feel gorgeous and desired, reward yourself with an experience of femininity and sensuality that only FREDDY's signature WR.UP® dresses can give you. WR.UP® is FREDDY's patented technology that consists of a unique combination of stitching, Italian design, and special ultra thin silicone to naturally support and accentuate your curves around your buttocks, waist and thigh area. 

This limited edition style uses the Denim Effect Fabric for a stylish dress silhouette.  Freddy's patented WR.UP® technology of silicone and special seaming naturally shapes and enhance your curves to give you a perfect fit.  The fabric is rinsed to give a beautiful indigo wash that is a perfect color for this timeless addition to your wardrobe.Very limited quantities. 

Also available in black, a classic and timeless piece that can easily fit into your wardrobe.

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